Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Writer's Block

I'm surprised someone hasn't made a little wooden block to give to writers, or maybe they have. I'm perfectly capable of writing (hence this blogpost) and what kills me is that I'm actually interested in the topic! But there's lots to slog through, and it's hard to remember that writing is actually part of the thinking process, not sitting around staring at the computer screen. Although taking judicious walks or long showers can help. So can that interesting time of reverie between sleep and waking up. OK, back to the chapter.


Blogger Ness said...

You can do it, honey!

i was reading something today where someone was comparing the process of grieving to the process of moving a whole pile of rice from one place to another, where you're only allowed to move one grain at a time.

I think this works well for the process of dissertation writing -you just want to move the whole goddamn pile at once, but you can't, and the idea of moving every grain individually just seems overwhelming...but the pile will be completely moved at some point!

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