Sunday, April 29, 2007

La vie de chien!

Ann Arbor citizens deserve an off-leash dog park. In the large emerald necklace park system that graces Ann Arbor, it is a CRIME to play frisbee with your off-leash dog. Has anyone tried to play frisbee with a leashed dog? While leash laws serve an important function in society, protecting children and adults from dog attacks (having suffered a vicious Rottweiler attack I understand the danger), it is also important to allow dogs space to run free, play, and get their needed exercise apart from the walk. This keeps them happy and healthy. For intelligent commentary on the issue, see

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Back to blogging?

Well, since V has started up again ( I decided to follow her to blogland. At least it's a way to make sure I write at least a sentence every few days and contribute something to the blogosphere. So why not? Right now I'm in KY at my parents' house listening to Shania Twain (wtf?) and planning to start the journey north tomorrow afternoon, perhaps to stop in on Jonathan and Deborah. It's almost 10 and I have much to do (finish Michicagoan! check J's acknowledgements!) before I get on the road. It's good to be home, I'm always struck by Kentucky's natural beauty--the verdant hills, the forests and streams--from the Ohio border all the way down here, it's lovely!

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