Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Writer's Block

I'm surprised someone hasn't made a little wooden block to give to writers, or maybe they have. I'm perfectly capable of writing (hence this blogpost) and what kills me is that I'm actually interested in the topic! But there's lots to slog through, and it's hard to remember that writing is actually part of the thinking process, not sitting around staring at the computer screen. Although taking judicious walks or long showers can help. So can that interesting time of reverie between sleep and waking up. OK, back to the chapter.

Monday, May 21, 2007

On Falwell

Last week, I became annoyed that defenders of Falwell on Craigslist would claim that his detractors were simply "intolerant of intolerance" as if that were a kind of character flaw. Apparently tolerance means that one should just keep one's mouth shut at religious, racial and sexual bigotry, as if disagreement with bigots were a denial of -their- right to free speech or that just because he was a 'religious' man, one should respect his position. If those people are somehow not bigots, they forget that many of us have suffered because of this man's views and influence in politics. By the way, if you want an example of a religious woman whose conservative views did not hinder her from making human connections and being compassionate, see "The Eyes of Tammy Faye." So I posted back, and here it is. You get the point although I might write it differently now.

about intolerance of intolerance

it's not like that man was my racist freaky great uncle who I have to listen to at Christmas. Falwell made it his profession to be intolerant. He made money off of it. He wanted to make policy out of his views--policy that limits other people's freedom in the name of his view of righteousness. If people take their view of righteousness and live it out themselves, what can I do about it? But when they want to make laws and policies that affect my life, of course I'm 'intolerant' of the intolerant--because people are the target of -their- intolerance. People like and unlike me, but people who would otherwise be able to live their own damned lives in more freedom without interference from a government that wants us all to be a certain kind of 'good'. Jesus, save me from your so-called followers!

Friday, May 18, 2007

simple happiness

Princesa, Arnaldo's and my Yorkie in Asuncio'n, is having puppies tonight. She's had two and is tired but apparently there are more on the way. I hope they and she are all OK. She has brought so much happiness to us, she's a good girl! I know in her doggie heart that when she sees me she knows I love her.

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Friday, May 11, 2007

Ann Arbor, Inclusive Community?

Ann Arbor should be an inclusive community. If Kalamazoo, why not Ann Arbor? The "inclusive communities" program is an initiative of the National League of Cities which urges cities to declare themselves inclusive as a positive value. There was a news item about the city of Bluffton, IN, which declared itself an inclusive city--the mayor had received an anonymous note against a local Sikh businessman and college professor who had opened a restaurant. "In Bluffton, we don't wear turbans and we speak English." The mayor was shocked and invited the Sikh man to stand with him at an official city event, at which they received a standing ovation. The city joined the initiative and has posted signs to that effect at all entrances to the town. Ann Arbor is the kind of town that has that heart. I urge Ann Arbor to join this coalition of cities that have decided that they will stand for the values of openness and inclusiveness for all citizens.

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